Native American Folklore

native-american-folkloreNative American folklore is rich in powerful music, spiritual stories, emotional legends and tall tales. Sacred song, traditional dance and mythical lessons are just some of the aspects that make Native American folklore so fascinating.

Today, Native American folklore provides the opportunity to learn about important traditions that are respected and revered by so many. It also reminds us of the struggles and hardships endured by those so many years ago.

Native American Folklore Music

One of the most compelling components of Native American folklore is music. The sacred history and beliefs of individual tribes is often told through awe-inspiring ceremonial performances. Traditional song and dance also plays a large part in telling the incredible and storied history of a tribe. Additionally, there are songs that celebrate important periods during the year, such as planting season or harvest season. Music plays an incredibly critical role in Native American folklore. Through special song and dance, the important history of tribes can be preserved and passed on for the many generations to come.

Native American Folklore Myths

Creation myths are another important aspect of Native American folklore. Beautifully-woven tales describing the origin of the Earth, the universe, animals and the seasons keep the traditions of individual tribes alive and thriving from generation to generation. Other stories and myths explain certain beliefs and ways of life. Some tales are also told to provide a moral compass and guidance, while others are used to give important warnings in life. The history of Native American folklore would be incomplete without tales of iconic, immortal heroes and deceptive, dastardly tricksters. Even among neighboring tribes, each tale is wonderfully specific, important and unique.

Native American folklore is a critical part of the history and fabric of the nation. It continues to play an enormous role in shaping the culture of today.

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