Native American Activities

native-american-activitiesNative American activities encompass everything from hunting and art-making to singing and dancing. While some Native American activities are out of necessity, as well as for religious and sacred reasons, others are solely for fun and entertainment purposes. The history of Native American activities is a fascinating tale of living off the land, overcoming obstacles and the odds, and expressing gratitude and respect for what nature has provided.

Traditional Native American Activities

Traditional and sacred ceremonies are an enormous part of Native American activities. Many of these ceremonies include breathtaking and elaborate masks or head dresses, as well as spiritual song and dance. Chanting, drumming, centering, rattling and praying are some of the various other forms of traditional Native American activities.

Hunting is perhaps the biggest of the Native American activities that was born out of necessity. Animals were not only used for food, but also to provide clothing. Growing and harvesting crops was also essential for Native Americans to survive.

Other Native American Activities

Art is perhaps the most well-known and most recognizable form of Native American activities. Art has always been a way to express thanks for what nature has provided. For several centuries, Native American oil and sand paintings, pottery and other forms of art have been a large part of the landscape of the country.

Baggataway, otherwise known as Stickball, was one of the most popular Native American team sports. The game was often played to settle disputes and to avoid conflict and potentially, even war. As many as 300 people or as little as 20 could be involved in the game. In the 20th century, Native American Jim Thorpe would go on to become one of the greatest athletes in American history.

Various forms of Native American activities are still a very important part of the culture today.

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